What Guests are saying


If you want to plan a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios, you need to contact Dave at WDW Guided Tours. He helped me and my family have the best time that I've ever had, and I've been to Disney on numerous occasions. It was the busiest time of year, and I felt like we were at the parks by ourselves! 

Bobby Bonilla - Retired Major League Baseball Player

Thank you, Dave, for guiding our family trip to Magic Kingdom in July. Despite the sweltering July heat and crowds, you made the day incredibly efficient and enjoyable! We accomplished all of our goals and more! Minimizing wait times was extremely important to us as we were touring the park with our two young daughters — you truly delivered on this! Besides shortening our wait times, we were impressed by your knowledge and expertise at navigating the park so we didn't waste time going from point A to B. Your total professionalism, from the planning phase and leading up to our actual tour, was wonderful. While planning our trip, your responsiveness and thoroughness, made us very comfortable that we had the right person to work with. During our day at Magic Kingdom together, even the little things outside of getting us to/from each attraction stood out…from handling our stroller at ride entrances and having it ready for us as we exited, to knowing exactly where we could go to charge our dying cell phone, to guiding us exactly to the right spot to quench a craving for ice coffee…your service was impeccable! 

We would highly recommend your services to anyone considering visiting Disney Parks and have already been raving about our wonderful experience with you to all of our family and friends. Your extensive knowledge and insight regarding the park was invaluable and on top of that, you are genuinely such a nice person that it was just a pleasure to have you as part of our family experience that day! By the end of the day, even our 3-year old was embracing you, literally!! 

Thank you again! We look forward to seeing you again on our future visit to Disney!!

John, Helen, Reagan and Reese

I recently visited Disney World with my husband, 2 girls ages 6 and 3, and in laws. It was my daughters' first time! We booked Dave for our day in the Magic Kingdom several months in advance. Via e-mail, he gave us many recommendations when it came to picking out our fast passes and dining reservations. He was always there to answer our questions as we planned our trip. On the day of our booking, he met us in the lobby of our resort and immediately befriended my kids. His enthusiasm brought much excitement to the group! He rode the bus with us to the Magic Kingdom and instantly fit in with our group. When we got inside is where the REAL magic began! My family and I did not have to think at ALL while in the park! Dave brought us to ride after ride, where we walked right on every time. He knew which rides needed fast passes and which ones would have no lines at what times of day, and guided us through the park accordingly. While we enjoyed one ride, he was setting up our fast passes for another ride! When my youngest daughter was too small for a ride, or my oldest was too afraid, he brought them to a different ride and rode with them. 

He had our entire day planned out. We never had to look at a map or look at the clock, we just enjoyed the rides! He even pushed our stroller for us!! Our day with Dave was a Sunday, and despite how many people were in the park he made us feel like we were the ONLY ONES there. I have never in my life been happier with any money I've ever spent or any service I've ever received than I've been with Dave. He is worth every penny and more! I cannot imagine how our day would have gone without him! They say the average family gets on 5 rides in the Magic Kingdom... I lost count around 15! I'm sure we got on over 20 rides. I can't recommend Dave highly enough. DO NOT do the Disney without him! Unless you want to miss out!!!!

Claire Passariello

My family and I just returned from a five day trip to Disney World with Dave as our guide. We enthusiastically give him a 10 out of 10! We stayed at the Grand Floridian and wanted to make sure we experienced the rides, events and shows we wanted without long waits or wasted time. Dave delivered in spades. While most guests experience 6 or 7 rides/shows a day, Dave so efficiently coordinated our outings in the parks we we able to experience 14 to 16 each day. He took charge of our trip agenda months before our trip after asking us what we wanted to experience at each park. He then arranged all the fast passes for us, arranged dining, and prepared a complete agenda for us for each of our five days at the World. 

The experience was "seamless" as Dave synchronized each and every park and guided us while explaining the history of each park, pointing out the hidden Mickeys and answering our questions with his vast knowledge of each park. For the Christmas Parade he showed us a special spot to stand to see the parade with no crowds and it was spectacular. Best of all Dave is reliable, on time, courteous, patient, knowledgeable and really concerned about making sure you are having a great experience. We never waited more than 10 minutes for any ride, show or character encounter at any of the parks for five days straight. And very quickly we came to think of Dave as a friend not just a guide. He cares and it shows. I intend to ask him to be our guide every year for our family Disney trips. 

Kevin Childers and Family

Wow!  That was the collective sentiment of our group. Having Dave around for a day truly made our vacation special.

This was our second trip to Disney and we thought we knew our way around. With four adults and four kids under nine, our trip required a bit of coordination.  Despite extensive research, multiple Disney apps and pre-trip strategy meetings (I know, sounds overboard), our non-Dave days were wonderful, but not super productive. Enter Dave on day four.

Right from the get go, we knew we hit a home run with Dave. He met us at the MK and explained how our day would work - sit back and enjoy the ride. He had everything planned, but it was not just checking things off a list. We also didn't feel rushed or pressured to get things done. He was flexible and nimble in changing on the fly. Dave was amazing with the kids, pointing out hidden Mickeys and providing history and trivia about WDW. Wait times were never an issue and though we walked a lot, it was with purpose and never felt liked we we aimlessly wandering. End of the the day - 20 rides/attractions, a leisurely lunch, parade and a very happy group.

Overall, a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend using Dave if you are trying to maximize your time at Disney, or like us, want to be an active participant in the Disney experience without having to open a map, stare at your phone or worry about everyone having a good time.

Connors/Cooper Families

There's no Disney experience like the one you'll get with Dave!!  His is the best of the best... you'll get all the ins & outs you need to know about Disney.  We took our children, Amanda, 10, and Jaron, 9, to Disney for the first time.  We only had 2 and a half days to spend & wanted to see everything possible.  We picked the parks-- Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot-- and Dave did the rest.  We didn't look at a map, coordinate a Fast Pass, nothing.  We simply met Dave at the beginning of each day and let him lead the way.

We saw it ALL.  Dave is on property so often that he can respond to crowd trends and determine what attractions need to be tackled at a particular time of day.  While you're on the rides, he's parked at the exit waiting for you, all the while adjusting your Fast Pass reservations depending on the day's activities / wait times in the parks.  And if everyone in your party is not thrilled by thrill rides, Dave's armed & ready with great alternatives for the rest of the crew.  He spends his off days soaking up fun facts about the parks' history, which kept both kids (and us!) enthralled on the walks from attraction to attraction.  Lunch is pre-determined each day (you can pick your own restaurants or Dave, of course, has a ton of suggestions) and the morning's activities will end just in time for your reservation, and usually right at the restaurant's front door!

When we started out, we weren't sure how having a guide at every turn was going to be.  We went on vacation to be with our family, and now someone we didn't know would be there with us.  Dave is as involved or removed as you'd like him to be.

He'll walk you right up the ride entrance to make sure your passes are all set and then you're on your own.  Meals are more of the same... he checks you in to make sure your reservation is squared away and spends the time on his own adjusting the rest of the day's schedule down to the letter.  Truth is, our family was begging him to join us for both rides and lunches.  He's just great company!

Whether you need a bathroom right away, a drink before you take another step or if you just want to find the next "Hidden Mickey" on the way, Dave is there to meet your every need and make your Disney experience a stress-free vacation you'll never forget.  We are so grateful to have had him with us!

Andrea & Steve Kline - Westport, CT

Our day with you at the Magic Kingdom was amazing.  We were so pleased to be able to experience so many attractions in one day with so little waiting in line.  The extras you arranged for our girls created memories that they will cherish for a lifetime, I'm sure.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with you, Dave.  We enjoyed getting to know you and we wish you and your family the best.

Linda R.

Every year our family schedules a vacation. Typically, we try to schedule a relaxing vacation on a beach. This year; however was different. My brother recently passed away and after months of grieving, it was hard to even think about the possibility of laughing and having fun – but it was desperately needed. After a family vote, we decided to skip our traditional beach vacation, as we feared it would bring up our missed memories of my brother. But if we don’t go to the beach- what is left?

What better place to go than the happiest place on earth!  It seemed to spark some excitement with the family - as it has been years since we have been there.  Flights, hotel, and tickets purchased, and then it dawned on me.....we were going during one of the busiest times of the year. For a moment I questioned my sanity.  My mom has a bad back and cannot walk long distances, my other brother has never been in a plane, my daughter is 11 and my niece 17 months.  They were all coming with me!  Immediately, I thought of hot weather, long lines, a crying toddler, and impatient daughter and a sore mother.  How could I plan a good time for everyone?

After talking to people I work with, I became the running joke.  Bets flew around the office that I would need a vacation from my vacation - that I bit off more than I could chew.  I even work with someone that had interned at Disney - who began telling me horror stories about the rides averaging, at one point, a few hour wait. The only option left was to research a tour guide.  I needed help!  I went online and started looking at the special tours that Disney had to offer.  It sounded like just what I needed.....until I saw the price.

Luckily, I came across Dave's website.  Trust me, I did my due diligence.  I searched his name, peaked on Better Business Bureau and repeatedly analyzed the write-ups from past customers.  Everything was positive!  I almost thought it was too good to be true.  I reached out to Dave and right off the bat I was amazed.  He was so attentive!  Dave was quick to respond to all of my emails, answered all my questions and made wonderful suggestions.  He estimated that the average wait time we would have would be approximately 10 minutes.  Well, that was a far better picture than what my co-workers had painted!

I decided to hire Dave for both Epcot and Magic Kingdom.  I sent him a list of rides and attractions that the family wanted to target.  This was not a short list to say the least!  I somewhat laughed to myself thinking - does this guy realize what he is signing up for?

I walked into this thinking - hope for the best, expect the worst.  But I walked away from this adventure completely blown away.  Dave was at first, our tour guide, but by the end of our trip - he was part of the family.  He was so knowledgable, shared the hidden secrets of the parks, took photos of our family, and better yet - the longest wait time we experienced was only 10 minutes!  We were able to get on every single ride on our list and then some!

This was scheduled as a vacation, but ended up as a trip with endless memories and laughter that my family will cherish and talk about for years to come.  This was no doubt due to Dave.  I could go on and on about how wonderful he made our vacation, but it is an adventure you need to experience yourself to really understand.  Dave has already made suggestions on things we can do for our next vacation - and when we go - we plan on having Dave there with us!

- Mara H.

Dave is like the proverbial aspirin for Disney.  Others may say they can work the "Magic" Kingdom - yet they cannot deliver the overall experience, line reduction and true enthusiasm that "Disney Dave" delivers. My family of 4 (2 kids - 3 and 5) lived the Magic Kingdom dream thanks to Dave's prep and enthusiasm.

- Jay S.    

We can not say enough amazing things about "Disney Dave"! He is a Disney "Must Have"!!! Our family of 11 (age 6-86) ventured to this unknown world and hired Dave to "assist". Not only did he plan out entire days (all 4 of them--Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) but he also hung out with our kids and GOT ALONG with them too:)!! I will NEVER go to Disney without Dave!!!! I would recommend everyone and anyone to call Dave if they are going to any Disney theme park!!!! Thank you so much, Dave, for making our trip so enjoyable!!

- Melinda K.