About Dave


My name is Dave Drumheller and I want to be your tour guide! Since my very first visit as a young boy in 1977, I have been a Walt Disney World enthusiast.  I have always been fascinated at how the Disney Company consistently provides such an amazing vacation experience to all of the guests who visit here. My fascination has grown into a passion to help visitors get the most out of their time spent at all of the Central Florida theme parks.  It is from this passion that WDW Guided Tours was born. 

Over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of guiding individuals, families and even large school groups through the Central Florida parks.  In addition to giving over 700 tours, I have become an active participant in the Disney online community. I have also created several websites, including Digital Disney World, which features articles on how we can use modern technology to stay connected to "The World," as well as hundreds of photos from around the parks. My latest website, WDW Pro Tips, helps guests make the most of their theme park day.

The experience and knowledge of the Central Florida theme parks that I have gained throughout my life has been invaluable. It is not something that can simply be taught to "employees." It is for this reason that you always get me as your guide when you book a tour with WDW Guided Tours.